Will I Get A Tax Refund If I Didn’t Work?

There are a lot of people who are looking for a good tax refund. You can end up getting a lot of help from a hired tax consultant getting a good tax refund. If you do not happen to work, the truth of the matter is that you will not get a tax refund if you do not work. People who live off capital gains income are technically working due to the fact that they can gain a high amount of income in the process. You do want to work with a tax consultant who ends up helping.

Tax Refunds

People need to work if they are truly looking to get a tax refund. Workers are people who do deserve a tax refund if they have truly deserved the opportunity to get a good tax refund. You have to be willing to pay both state and federal income taxes. If you do not even attempt to file these items then you do need to find a way to get a good tax refund. Someone who does not file their state income taxes is not likely going to be able to pay their federal income taxes either in some situations. This is particularly true if you do not pay the necessary capital gains taxes on investments.


There are plenty of people who want a tax refund, but you truly need to get to work in order to get this done. Someone who does not work for a living does not deserve a chance to get a tax refund according to workers and other taxpayers out there. A lot of taxpayers certainly would get upset if someone who did not work for living end up getting some sort of tax refund.

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