Who Can I Claim As A Dependent On My Income Tax?

When you claim someone as a dependent on your taxes, you are stating to the I.R.S. that you supported this person financially during the tax year. Each dependent that you claim will give you a personal exemption such as child tax credit, and earned income credit. If someone is not married, they will also be able to file as head of household if they have at least one dependent to claim. Your tax preparer can always give you the information you need to know if someone qualifies as a dependent or not, but with the information you are about to read, you will not have to ask them “Who can I claim as a dependent on my income tax?” because you will already know.

Who Can I Claim As A Dependent On My Income Tax?

There are two different types of dependents that someone can claim as a dependent. They can claim a qualifying child, or a qualifying relative. We will first talk about the qualifying child and then move on the the qualifying relative.

Qualifying Child

To claim a child as a dependent, the child must be either your natural child, your sibling, an adopted child, or a foster child. Other children such as nephews, niece, or grandchildren will also qualify as a dependent. The child must be under the age of 19 at the end of the year unless they are a full time student for at least 5 months out of the year, in that case they must be under the age of 24. The child must have also resided with you for more than half of the year.

Qualifying Relative

If you want to claim an adult as a qualifying dependent on your tax return, they must meet the qualifying relative rules, you must of course somehow be related to the person in some way. You must have provided more than half of the persons support during the tax year, and they must not earn more than the personal exemption amount during the tax year. The person must also have citizenship, or resident status, in either the U.S.A., Mexico, or Canada.

A Couple Other Things You Should Know

In both a qualifying child case, or a qualifying adult case, the person must not have provide more than half of their own support during the year. If you are taking care of someone who is totally and permanently disabled, you can claim them as a dependent no matter what their age is. When you know all of this information, you should never have to ask yourself again “Who can I claim as a dependent on my income tax?”

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