Who Can Claim A Child On A Tax Return?

For couples, having children means serious credits or deductions on their tax return. For single parents, or divorced parents determining who can claim a child on a tax return can be a lot more complicated. Remember that there will also be a difference between State and Federal laws. One of the most determining factors will be who has custody of the child. If you both have joint custody, then it becomes even more difficult. It may come down to the two parents deciding on their own who should be able to claim them.

Who Pays More Money?

If you can’t determine by custody who can claim a child on a tax return then you may want to rationally decide who deserves the deduction or credit more. Again, this is an unfortunate situation where one person oftentimes feels like they are getting a raw deal. It may be fair if one person spends a significantly larger amount of money supporting the child to claim a deduction. There are many other reasons that could potentially influence who should be able to use the deduction.

Remember To Keep Things Friendly

While the situation itself is such that the parents probably aren’t the greatest of friends, there is no reason to make things worse. Finding an amicable way to decide who can claim a child on a tax return will make things easier for the adults and children involved. Perhaps if there are multiple children each parent could claim a different child. In some cases it will be up to the individuals involved to make a choice, and in others it may be State or Federal law that dictates who can legally claim a child on a tax return.

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