Where Can I Get A 1040A Tax Form?

Each year, millions of people find themselves confused about what tax form they need to prepared their taxes, and where they can pick up a copy of the form. For most people, the government 1040A tax form is the proper form to use. Luckily, this form can be found at a wide variety of different locations.

Federal Facilities

The first place where you can get a 1040A tax form is at various federal facilities. Since the government wants people to complete their tax forms each year, they will place copies of the most popular forms at many convenient locations. The best places to typically find government tax forms are at post offices, government tax offices, federally sponsored tax preparing locations, and at some grocery stores.

Through an Accountant

The second place where you can get a 1040A tax form is at your accountants office. If you are confused about how to prepare your taxes, you may want to consider hiring an accountant. An accountant, which is a person licensed to prepare your taxes, will have all of the necessary forms, including the 1040A tax form, at their office. While the accountant will provide you with the tax form if they are preparing them for you, they probably won’t give them to you if you prepare them yourself.


The third, and most convenient, place where you can get a 1040A tax form is online. You can find all tax forms required for your tax preparation through the government website. You can also find all of the forms you need through tax preparation company’s websites as well. However, if you don’t use their service, you may need to pay for the form.

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