When Can I File My Taxes For 2011?

That time of the year has arrived again and most of us are ready to get started filling out those tax forms. So, when can I file my taxes? The general answer to that question is that you can file your taxes just as soon as you get your W2 from your employer. That usually happens some time around the last couple of weeks in January. By law employers must provide their employees with W2’s by January 31st for the preceding tax year.

When Can I File My Taxes?

Once you receive the W2 either by mail or directly from your employer, all you have to do is to take this to your tax preparer, or fill out the tax form for yourself. It is always recommended that you have someone with experience to fill out your forms for you, because they will be able to advise you on the kind of deductions and tax exemptions that you can claim.

Why Should I File My Taxes Early?

Regardless how you fill out your returns, common knowledge states that the sooner you get it filled out, the sooner you will receive any refund you may have coming. That kind of goes along the lines of, first come, first served.

Should I Make Plans For My Refund When I File My Taxes?

Most people who fill out their tax returns early have already decided what they will be using their refund for. Things like paying off bills that have beset them over the previous year, are great goals for spending that money on. Other things that people make plans to use the refund for are, going on needed vacations, or placing it in a savings account for a child’s college education. Planning is good but so is getting your returns in on time.

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