How Does Turbo Tax Work?

For many people, compiling and filing government tax forms can be quite confusing and hiring an accountant can be too expensive.  For those looking for an easy and affordable way to file taxes, using Turbo Tax could be a great idea.

Helps Find Deductions

The first way that Turbo Tax works is that it helps a user find tax deductions.  When using Turbo Tax, you will be asked many different questions, which will help the software find tax deductions and credits that may apply to your situation.  The software is pre-loaded with all of the present state and federal government laws, so it will be able to find any deduction that applies.

Electronically Files Return

The second way that Turbo Tax works is that it will electronically file a person’s tax return.  Since the form is being completed online, Turbo Tax is able to electronically submit the return to the government.  In most situations, a person will be able to input their bank account information and they will receive a direct deposit within a few weeks of filing.  This saves a person the time and hassle required to gather and mail in all the required tax documents.

Identifies Audit Risks

The third way that Turbo Tax works is by identifying audit risks.  Turbo Tax will review your tax return, claims, and deductions to identify any unusual claims that may get flagged by the government.  Turbo Tax will give you an audit risk score and let you know what items will be most likely flagged by the government.  The software will also give you advice on how you could reduce your risk and how you should prepare for a potential audit.

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