How Do I Report Income Tax Fraud To The Government?

Believe it or not, there are many people who have committed income tax fraud just this last tax season. The act of committing tax fraud could involves not reporting any earned income, under reporting income, failing to report any income earned from the under the table jobs and any revenue from doing advertising. If you know of someone who did not report their income to their government or failed to pay their taxes, it is going to be your right and responsibility to report it to the government. There are ways to do and here are a couple of tips of how to get it done.

Confirm the fraud and get evidence

The first thing that you are going to have to do is confirm that income tax fraud happened. If you think the person committed fraud, try your best to get some info so you can report it. There are ways to go about asking so they will not suspect what you are trying to do. The most important to make sure you avoid doing in stealing any of their information or personal documents. That could get you into trouble. If the person admits to the fraud, then make sure to report it. If the person accidentally did something try to help the person with getting the info reported.

Report the fraud

The second thing that needs to be done to report the income tax fraud is fill out the Tax Fraud Form. It can be found on the government website and is known as the 3949-A Form. This form helps keep track of all information that may be coming in about this person. It can be used to report any information for a business or an individual.

Write a letter

The third step to letting the government know, is to write a letter. If you do not have access to a computer, you can write a letter instead of filling out the form. Make sure to include as much information about the person or business that you can.

And of course the final step is going to mailing the info to the government. Once you have complete all the information and either of the two ways to do the reporting of income tax fraud is to the the government. It would help out any case should have an documents, photographs or even a recording of the person making the confession. Be sure to include those with the documents as well.

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