How Do I File My Tax Return If I Did Not Get My W2?

By law, business must mail W-2s out to their employees by January 31st. The law also covers 1099s and similar forms. College campuses send out 1098 forms to let students know how much money they spent out of their own pocket. Not everyone will get a W-2 or 1099, and if a person working under such an arrangement knows that he needs to keep track of his own income in order to fill out his taxes. Forms do sometimes get lost in the mail, and some people delay the forms. Not getting a W-2 does not always prevent a person from filing his federal income taxes.

How To File Your Tax Return Without the Necessary Paperwork

The best thing a taxpayer who needs to file his tax return to do is to remain calm. He can ask for a duplicate W-2 and the company will most likely send it to an employee who requests the form. If the company balks, he can complain to the government who will then look into the matter. If a company does not send a W-2 without an extremely good reason, it is likely other people are missing the document as well. The government, in this matter, is just like anybody else. It wants to get the money it is owed.

What If I Still Cannot Get A W-2 to File My Tax Return?

If a person can still not get a W-2 to file a tax return, he is not freed from the burden of filing taxes. He must go through his pay stubs if he can get them and do his best to file the taxes by the April 15th deadline. The government may or may not understand if a person who finds himself in such a situation cannot file his taxes accurately. It does want the paperwork declaring that a person may or may not owe money.

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