Do I Need To File Government Taxes If My Business Earned No Income?

There are plenty of people who own businesses which make no income on a regular basis. The truth is that these businesses still need to file government taxes. People need all of the profits and losses associated with their business if they want to end up paying the right amount of taxes. You have to keep in mind that the government loves to keep track of your income, this is even true when you happen to end up taking a bunch of losses as a businessperson. A businessperson need to report their income to the government, that is the bottom line.

Negative Income

There are some people out there who end up with a negative net income when they get done filing their taxes. Many of these people who end up negative incomes or no income actually own businesses. This is because it costs money to run a business. The people who own a business realize the very high expenses that it takes to run a business. All of these expenses associated with your business need to be reported. You need to make sure that your income numbers are accurate when you file your government taxes,

government Taxes

government taxes in general can be very complicated. You need to make sure that a business you are involved with reports their income and overall assets, even when they do not make that much overall income. You need to be able to understand the importance of having good accountants for your business when you happen to file your government taxes. A good accountant will even help those businesses who do not have a strong amount of overall income. You have to be able to enjoy a successful business and not to be nervous about your government taxes.

2 Responses to “Do I Need To File Government Taxes If My Business Earned No Income?”

  1. Donna says:

    I have been granted S corporation status. To date I have earned no income. Do I still need to file the quarter federal tax forms? I have filed the VA state forms and paid taxes on the computer equipment and office furniture. I need some guidance on the quarterly Federal tax forms and whether these need to be filed since I earned no income.

  2. Jose Lemos says:

    Hi in 2012 I worked with my truck for 4 momth I pay my fiul taxes them I stop working becouse was loss no profit I want to file my personal taxes with my wife and the corporation can I file all togather or one by one and what form I must use thank you

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