Do I Have To Buy New Versions Of Turbotax Every Year?

The purpose of this article is to address a commonly asked question regarding the popular do-it-yourself tax preparation software; Turbotax. The question is whether their version of Turbotax from 2008, for example, could be used in 2009.

The $49.95* Answer

The answer to the question that is the central focus of this article is that Turbotax cannot be reused from year to year to file taxes. It is important to note, however, that a previous version of Turbotax can be used as a model to estimate future tax liability or overpayment assuming only minor changes in the tax code. Other than the proposed use, though, any previous version of Turbotax has no functional value in future tax years (Note: The retail price of TurboTax Deluxe is $49.95).

Reason (s) Why Turbotax Cannot Be Reused

Federal tax laws have a long history of being changed. Between new bills passed in Congress or new government regulations, the tax code, which encompasses tax rates, brackets, credits and deductions, or simply the forms used to file, often changes from year to year? Thus, the developers of Turbotax must spend a considerable amount of time each year tweaking the software to account for changes in the tax code.

Produced By A For-Profit Company

Intuit, like any other for-profit company, generates income through sales and/or services. In this case, profit is made through the sale of its flagship software; Turbotax. The effort required to ensure that the software correctly reflects the current tax code in its calculations each tax year is the reason why a new version of Turbotax must be purchased.

Final Remarks

While it may seem like a waste to have to purchase a new version of Turbotax each year, the ever-changing tax code, along with the fact that Turbotax is produced by a for-profit company, mandates that the software be purchased new each year by the consumer.

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One Response to “Do I Have To Buy New Versions Of Turbotax Every Year?”

  1. Evie says:

    I honestly think purchasing software year after year is a big waste of Intuit’s time not to mention mine. They are not even consider how enviornmentally unfriendly they are being with all the “dated” software packaging and products every year! Now theres a marketing campaign for you!

    Would it be possible to do updates every year for software that has already been purchased, of course! Just like they do with quickbooks. All changes to laws forms etc. can be done electronically through upgrades and the same price can be charged for those updates. Yes, I know your taxes can be done online but forgive me for not having my life accessible for the world to hack into.

    There are alot of things Intuit is doing right but this is just one area that I cannot get past.


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