Can I Claim A Non-Family Member As A Dependent On My Government Tax?

If you are taking care of a friend who happens to be disabled, you can claim them as a dependent upon your federal taxes. The disable need a place to stay and they need help from good people. The government needs to understand this and that is why you should have the option to claim a non-family dependent upon your government taxes. The government taxes that you pay can be quite extensive. The process of helping a disabled, non-family member as a dependent can be quite difficult as well. You need to be able to write some of those things off on your government taxes.


You have to be careful with your deductions when it comes to claiming a non-family member as a dependent. You will not be able to write off most of the medical expenses associated with their medical care if you happen to be paying most of their medical bills. People who make too many deductions on a non-family member that is a dependent will end up having to pay back taxes and will end up getting government notices that most people certainly do not want.


A non-family member who is dependent may or may not want to be claimed as a dependent upon someone else’s tax return. It is not a good thing for people to feel like a dependent and end up on someone else’s tax return as a dependent. The non-family member dependent who may not want to be listed as a dependent upon someone else’s tax return may need to be honest and admit they are dependent upon someone else. The people who are not being honest about their dependency may not end up helping a person who is trying to fill out their government taxes.

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